27 Aug 2014

freshly cut

i very much love these nicely photoshopped images.
i love the colors and compositions.
and the clothes are rad too.
especially the shirt in the last pic.

model jandre was photographed by julie huang
and styled by juvena worsfold.
see the whole editorial

click images for a closer look.

collaged editorials previously here / here / here.

26 Aug 2014

things _ vanity

all images from straccetti.

delicate little figurines by jiro yoshida

i just love these so much!

ceramic figurines by japanese artist jiro yoshida.

see more photos of the artist's studio
here at photographer tetsuro harada's 500px page.

the rest of the photos are from

25 Aug 2014

that space _ the alesbary showroom in brno

lots of beautiful, beautiful hat forms on display

lighting doubles as clothes bar

it's not big at all, but huge mirrors optically double the space.

the facade.

i have no idea how these other spaces are part of the showroom, but
i reall love them, too.

a beautifully minimalistic and sparse space in brno, czech republic
with lots of light and quite a few nice solutions.

clothes and hat designer duo bara and ales (a.k.a alesbary)
opened this beautiful showroom sometime back in 2013.
the space was designed by an architect relative of theirs,
renata kucerova.

read a lot more here at designeast.

found through blogging friend deb's fb page.
go check out her blogs here / here / here.

24 Aug 2014

words on design _ on being revolutionary

words from american architect denise scott brown (b. 1931, Rhodesia).
here you can read a recent interview with her.

find more quotes on design (well, architecture) on ilikearchitecture.

basically, the idea is that with everyone trying to be revolutionary,
you will be most revolutionary if you try to be ordinary.

fashion flashback _ rifat ozbek

i kinda really liked rifat ozbek back then in the early nineties.

i really can't tell or remember why.
i guess he made once that fashion show with
all-white clothes and silver sequined fanny-packs.
and a black model carrying a beautiful black baby.
hope i'm not mistaken here
(and i hope it was not dolce e gabbana).
i still remember the baby's face. :)
back then it was still okay to carry little babies
on the runway. so many did. or is it still so?

anyways, these lovely ads are from a bit earlier,
from 1987 or '88. naomi was shot by
steven meisel.

i don't know the time rifat ozbek (or, actually özbek,
the turkish language has a lot of ös) gave up his
own label, but later he went on to design clothes for pollini,
and now he apparently make these pillows.

pics via resurrectionvintage and googled.

if you also liked the '80s and '90s, do check out

23 Aug 2014

decor _ one lovely, furry piece

chair "due piú" for the "more coffee" shop in milano,
designed by italian designer nanda vigo in 1971.

i just love it!

while her website looks like something
accidentally left behind from the nineties,
she has quite a few nice things under her belt,
so just go ahead and research her works
if you're interested.

21 Aug 2014

design idea _ scales

project botanica by studio formafantasma.
formafantasma previously here.

dress detail at george chakra haute couture spring 2014.